Treadmill Desk FAQ and Guide

The treadmill desk is a practical solution for those who want to stay fit without sacrificing productivity. As the name suggests, the treadmill desk combines the popular exercise machine with a fully functional desk, complete with everything you need to conduct business in the modern age.

Before you buy one, though, it’s important to know what you want. Treadmills are complex pieces of equipment, and before you shop around, get prepared by identifying the ideal size, speed and features. Also, desks must be equipped with everything you need to handle your workload.

This guide will address concerns and questions you may have about your treadmill desk purchase. Should you buy an all-in-one package or the desk and treadmill separately? How long will your treadmill desk last? This guide has the answers.

The information found here will make you an informed buyer, ready to find the perfect treadmill desk to keep you fit and focused. For information about pricing and delivery options, click here.

Finding the Right Treadmill

Here are a few factors that will help you find the best treadmill desk for your needs:

1. Height

The height of most treadmill desks is adjustable from about 4 feet 10 inches to about 6 feet 8 inches tall. Both manual and automatic height adjustment is available.

Treadmills with manual height adjustment tend to be much cheaper, so if you are the only person using the equipment, go with that option. Either way, it’s fairly easy to adjust the height manually on quality models.

2. Weight Capacity

Most treadmill desks support 300 pounds to 400 pounds.

3. Desktop Dimensions

Before checking if the desk has the features you need, make sure it’s the right size. Some are spacious enough to hold a phone, computer monitor, keyboard and a stack of files; some are much smaller. For most purposes, a treadmill desk should be 31 inches to 38 inches in length, and 44 inches to 47 inches in width.

Choosing Treadmill Desk Features

Desk Features

The technology that can be built into treadmill desks can be surprisingly advanced. Many are Bluetooth enabled, so you can monitor your exercise progress on your laptop without using a cord.

Other features to look for include:

  • Cord-management systems to prevent clutter
  • Wrist padding to make typing more comfortable and to fight fatigue
  • Easily accessible console

The console should be easy to access without taking up desktop space. For clear tracking, look for a console with an LED display. Some include a safety key that turns off the treadmill when it is removed.

Also, make sure the workspace is durable. Cheaper plastics tend to crack, but desks made of quality materials can last a lifetime. Look for materials like composite board with a laminate surface. Your desk should be about 1 inch thick.

Treadmill Features

If you are purchasing an all-in-one package, make sure your treadmill has the features you want. A few to consider are:

  • Reports calories burned
  • Reports distance travelled
  • Reports walking speed
  • Intelli-Guard
  • Intelli-Step

Intelli-Guard pauses the treadmill when the user steps off, preventing falls and potentially serious injuries. The belt also will stop if your foot does not strike the treadmill for 20 seconds.

Intelli-Step is a new technology that helps the treadmill accurately report the number of steps taken. According to the American Heart Association, increasing the number of steps taken during exercise will help prevent heart disease.

Purchasing Your Treadmill Desk

Should you buy the treadmill and desk separately, or purchase the all-in-one package?

If you already own a treadmill, it might seem like a smart option to purchase only the desk. However, it can be difficult to find a desk that comfortably fits your particular model. This could force you to compromise certain desk features if they are not available for your machine.

If you are serious about incorporating fitness into your work routine, it could be smarter to sell your treadmill and put the profits toward a treadmill desk. On top of having a complete product from the same manufacturer, you could have a warranty that covers both the treadmill and the desk.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Never purchase a used treadmill desk; there are far too many potential problems that could be overlooked. When buying a new desk, look for a manufacturer’s warranty that covers the frame, motor, parts and labor for at least one year, with three hours of average daily use.

Treadmill Desk Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the treadmill desk last? Hours?

If purchased new and used responsibly, a treadmill desk can last 10 years or longer without requiring any expensive repairs. The most common fixes are belt and bearing replacement.

Most treadmill desks can be operated for four to six hours each day.

How can you take a break from walking? Can I put a chair on the treadmill?With Intelli-Guard, stopping the treadmill is as easy as stepping off. Many users place a traditional desk next to their treadmill desk and alternate between the two.

It is not recommended, however, that users place a chair on the treadmill; this could damage the belt.

Can you place an ergonomic mat on the treadmill for just standing?

Yes. Just because you have a treadmill doesn’t mean you need to walk or run all day. Many people simply stand, which is still healthier than sitting for eight hours each day. Ergonomic mats can help relieve some of the strain on the ankles, knees and lower back.

For more information about treadmill desks, such as pricing and delivery options, click here.

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