Industrial Standing Desks - Single Surface

Single Surface Heavy Duty Adjustable Desk

Our industrial standing desks provide durability and adjustability.  These commercial desks are perfect for the home office or on the shop floor when you require more weight capacity and durability than a standard adjustable standing desk can offer.  Built with high-quality durable laminate tops, offered in a variety of colors, and with weight capacity of 500 lbs these desks will last for years and meet your office desk requirements.
adjustable computer desk

With our single surface industrial stand up desk, you can adjust your desk to any height between 26” to 40”. We offer range of work surface size options and also can customize based on your needs. All of the single surface desks having a lifting capacity of 500 lbs.

The single surface ergonomic computer desk is available in electric motor, hand crank or fixed height. Whether you need to change the height several times a day, once or twice a workday, or never our desks will create a more comfortable and ergonomic work area.

All our adjustable desk legs feature channels for attaching CPU, shelves, privacy screens, modesty panels, or other accessories.

Choose from our standard sizes below, or find out more about custom computer desks to meet your specific needs.


The industrial style steel frame comes in a base almond color but can be custom painted white, black, or any other color to meet corporate branding or personal preferences.


Our base desks come with a scratch resistant laminate table top, available in multiple colors.  In addition to our standard laminate we also have custom tabletop options including our wood top butcher block and stainless steel.

Height Adjustment

With a touch of a button our electric single surface desk can be moved between 26″ – 40″. Our hand crank model provides an adjustment range  between 26” – 40” and the desk is moved 1″ for every 4-5 rotations of the handle.  The manual single surface desk has an adjustment range of 26″ – 40″.


All of our industrial desks are compatible with casters.

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