Industrial workbenches, adjustable height tables, ergonomic workstations, and ergonomic desks are available in a variety of laminate colors. Custom top materials are also available, please contact us or call 800-4374 for more information.

Standard Laminate Table Top Colors

American Cherry

American Cherry Laminate Top

Bannister Oak

Bannister Oak Laminate Top

Basket Weaving

Basket Weaving Laminate Top


Black Laminate Table Top

Dove Grey

Dove Grey Laminate Top

Egg Plant

Egg Plant Laminate Top

Fusion Maple

Fusion Maple Laminate Top

Grey Nebula

Grey Nebula Laminate Top

Holly Berry

Holly berry Laminate top

Kensington Maple

Kensington Maple

Khaki Brown

Khaki Brown Laminate Top

Montana Walnut

Montana Walnut Laminate Top


Ocean Laminate Top


Tangerine Laminate Top


White Laminate Table Top

Wild Cherry

Wild Cherry Laminate Top


Wild Cherry Laminate Top


White Laminate Table Top

ESD Table Top Colors