Ergonomic Desks & Hydraulic Desks

Ergonomic Desk with Maple Top

Home & Office Desks

Quality and affordable adjustable height desks. With weight capacity of up to 220 lbs.

Stand Up Desk

Heavy-Duty Industrial Desks

Weight capacity of 500 - 750 lbs. Available in single surface, dual surface, corner, and L-shaped.

Proven Performance & Durability Since 1988

industrial ergonomic desks

On Demand Adjustability is available in the office with Ergosource’s ergonomic stand up computer desks. Our heavy duty desk frames come with our own lift systems that have the best weight capacities on the market today. All desks come with three height adjustment options including electric, hand crank and manual.

Create ave a positive impact on employee productivity in the workplace by making it more comfortable to work. Ergonomic desks reduce lost time, reduce fatigue and create an overall healthier work environment. Choose to sit down or stand up at your desk simply by using a manual, hand crank or electric control.

Match corporate branding by customizing the work surface, all of our ergonomic desks come with your choice of standard laminate tops colors. We also offer several custom tabletop solutions including butcher block, stainless steel, and ESD.

Standard & Custom Hydraulic Desks Available

Our height adjustable desks are built to last with all parts, components, and assemblies manufactured through one company. Numerous configurations are available with the highest weight capacities in the market today. A complete warranty is guaranteed on the adjustable stand up desks.

Choose from an ergonomic monitor mount for dual monitors and our other desk accessories to create the ultimate desktop environment.

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