2-Leg Adjustable Work Tables

The Levitech 2-Leg adjustable table leg system will perform well in any manufacturing, processing or assembly application. The adaptable 2-Leg frame design allows you to configure a stand-alone workstation or a full assembly line.

You get strength and adjustability with these industrial table frames. Ergosource tables and  come in electric, hand crank and manual fixed height options.Adjustable Height Work Tables

With our optional accessories, you can customize a workstation that fits the needs of your company and your employees. Not only will you improve your efficiency,  your employees will work in a comfortable, yet productive environment.

The weight capacity of the adjustable 2-Leg table system is 500 pounds, with height adjustment from 28” to 42”, which makes them perfect for most industrial workstation applications including material handling, assembly, production, technical, engineering, and more.

  • Electric Adjustable Height Work Table 1electric switch close up
  • Hand Crank Adjustable Height Tablehand crank close up
  • Manual Adjustable Height Work TableXFT With Top