Dual Surface Computer Desk

Dual Surface Ergonomic Computer Desks

The Dual Surface Sit Stand Ergonomic Desk not only can adjust the desk top from 26” to 40”, it also has a separate lever-adjustable keyboard platform that adjusts 12” above or 5” below the desk top. Your employees can sit or stand at the height that is best for their comfort. Changing your position throughout the day will keep you comfortable, focused and efficient. The Dual Surface Ergonomic Desk comes in electric motor, manual hand crank or manual adjustable. Help your employees reduce carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis  back strain, or other workplace issues.

All our adjustable height desk legs feature channels for attaching CPU, shelves, privacy screens, modesty panels, or other accessories.

Choose from our standard sizes below, or find out more about custom computer desks to meet your specific needs.

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