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At ERGOSOURCE, we’re passionate about keeping your workplace safe and efficient. We’ve manufactured ergonomic products since 1988, when we founded the company to fill a growing need for supportive, practical workstations. More than two decades later, our products are a part of everyday life in offices, factories, garages, and homes all over the world.

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The Workup


5 out of 5
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Convert your existing desk into an adjustable height desk! The WorkUp is the complete economical solution for solving ergonomic computer use issues.  The WorkUp is your complete desktop workstation solution.  Work sitting or standing – it’s your choice and takes only seconds to change. Choose from either fusion maple or or wild cherry for your table top color.
5 out of 5
1 review(s)

Our Ergonomic Products

We develop, manufacture, and distribute hundreds of exclusive ergonomic products. Our specialized inventory includes:

Convert Existing Benches & Desks into Adjustable Height

If you don’t want to replace your current workstation, bench, or table, transform it instead. Choose between the electric and hand-cranked version, and simply attach it to your fixed-height furniture. Thanks to its exclusive hydraulic technology, you will instantly be able to lower and raise the furniture to a height that’s right for you.

Hand Crank Hydraulic Lift Systems

Electric Hydraulic Lift Systems

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Our lifts and other accessories currently ship (with a few exceptions) via FedEx Ground, our complete desks, workbenches (with/without tops) frequently ship via freight truck (Lakeville Motor Express).

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Need some assistance? Call 952.404.1969 and one of our Ergosource customer representatives will have you taken care of in no time.

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