Adjustable Height Tables, Workbenches & Industrial Workstations

At ERGOSOURCE, we’re passionate about keeping your workplace safe and efficient. We’ve manufactured ergonomic products since 1988, when we founded the company to fill a growing need for supportive, practical workstations. More than two decades later, our products are a part of everyday life in offices, factories, garages, and homes all over the world.

The Workup

Convert Existing Benches & Desks into Adjustable Height


Our Ergonomic Products

We develop, manufacture, and distribute hundreds of exclusive ergonomic products. Our specialized inventory includes:

Industrial Workstations

Assembly Workstations, Packaging Workstations & Processing Workstations

Industrial Workstations

Hydraulic Lift Systems

Convert existing tables, benches and more into adjustable height.

Electric Hydraulic Lifts