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WorkUp’s latest adjustable standing desk offers state-of-the-art ergonomic design and expert engineering to provide the most comfortable, personalized work station yet. With modern edgework, the WorkUp Desk is both stylish and extremely comfortable for all-day use without fatigue or joint strain.

  • Weight Capacity 220 lbs
  • Adjusts from 23” – 48.5”
  • Raises 1.4”/second
  • Ship Weight 84 lbs
Table Top Edge Style :

Desk Top Size :

Standard Laminate Top Color :
American Cherry
Bannister Oak
Basket Weaving
Dove Grey
Egg Plant
Fusion Maple
Grey Nebula
Holly Berry
Khaki Brown
Montana Walnut
Wild Cherry
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Product Description

This adjustable height desk ranks among the finest in the industry with a total range of 23” to 48.5” from top to bottom. This makes the WorkUp Desk a fine choice for those who want to work in a seated position low to the ground or for taller users who want a high stand-up workspace to help with productivity and comfort.

When using the electric motor, the desk surface raises approximately 1.4” per second. This provides the perfect balance between security and speed since the desk will rise in a controlled yet swift manner perfect for even the busiest users. The lifting mechanism works via layered leg posts that are concealed within each other.

The modern style of the WorkUp Desk provides a worthy complement to any professional office or home office environment. With three eye-catching finishes and colors to choose from, there are plenty of options to personalize the desk so that it suits the space in which it is situated. The three colors that the desk is available in are black, fusion maple, or white.

Customizability is the main selling point of this adjustable height desk, as there are 25 distinctive desk top dimensions that can be selected.

There are also three edge styles that users can choose to suit their preferences, including a Modern Edge .75” Top, Modern Edge 1.25” Top, or an Ergo Edge 1.25” Top.

Those most concerned with conserving space and minimizing the prominence of their desk in their office should opt for the Modern Edge .75” Top, while those who want a comfortable ergonomic experience would be better suited opting for the Ergo Edge 1.25” Top model.

  • Weight Capacity 220 lbs
  • Adjusts from 23” – 48.5”
  • Raises 1.4”/second
  • Ship Weight 84 lbs

Additional Information

Table Top Edge Style

Modern Edge, Ergo Edge

Desk Top Size

24 X 36 X .75, 24 X 48 X .75, 24 X 60 X .75, 24 X 72 X .75, 24 X 36 X 1.25, 24 X 48 X 1.25, 24 X 60 X 1.25, 24 X 72 X 1.25, 30 X 36 X .75, 30 X 48 X .75, 30 X 60 X .75, 30 X 72 X .75, 30 X 36 X 1.25, 30 X 48 X 1.25, 30 X 60 X 1.25, 30 X 72 X 1.25

Standard Laminate Top Color

American Cherry, Bannister Oak, Basket Weaving, Black, Dove Grey, Egg Plant, Fusion Maple, Grey Nebula, Holly Berry, Kensington, Khaki Brown, Montana Walnut, Ocean, Tangerine, White, Wild Cherry, Woolamai

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