Conclusions of the Standing Desk Experiment

While I enjoy the idea of working like Hemingway or Dickens, I started this experiment with standing desks because, quite simply, I knew I was sitting too much and it was hurting my back and contributing to my headaches. Thus began the experiment, and by researching and using a standing desk I have found that they are an incredibly healthy choice!

Technology has made our world a lot more convenient. Instead of walking to the market for groceries, we can drive or have them delivered. Instead of walking to the post box to mail a letter, we can email from the comfort of our sofas from laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Essentially, we have eliminated much of the need to do physical work from our day-to-day lives, and as a result, we tend to sit down more. However, as it turns out, sitting for prolonged periods can actually be super unhealthy for the human body. I suppose it’s not surprising – desk jobs are a relatively new element in the course of human history, and you don’t see a whole lot of people losing weight sitting down all day in front of a desk. I’m not sure if sitting is really the new smoking as some articles are proclaiming, but the evidence does seem clear that sitting is relatively unhealthy and standing is healthier.
During my experiment, I looked at the difference in calorie burn between sitting and standing, the differences in my productivity between the two desk positions, and the physical downsides of standing most of the day. When I considered at all the factors, standing desks were a clear winner across the board! I burned more calories and was more productive at a standing desk, and while my feet got a bit sore while standing, this was a small cost to pay for the benefits! The idea of becoming thinner and increasing my productivity by making such a small change seems like a no-brainer…it makes me think, why hadn’t I started this before?

I admit, my reluctance partly came from inertia. I have several desks in my house already, and I’m reluctant to replace them entirely. I also know that most workplaces are disinclined to replace existing desks. Ideally, I would want something that lets me have the advantages of a standing desk while still keeping my existing furniture.  I thought I was being too greedy, but then I stumbled upon the perfect solution:

When I saw this standing desk option, I knew I’d found the perfect fit for my needs. This gave me a surface to use my computer, read, or do anything I wanted. It could also be adjusted for both my height or my wife’s, and adjusted as needed. This particular product is called the WorkUp. It deals with my reservations, and as an added perk it sells for less than an ordinary standing desk would cost! What’s not to love?

I hope my adventures and experiments in standing desks have helped you all as much as they have helped me. I have made my decision based on the benefits that a standing desk has for me – What will you choose?

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  1. I just bought two of the Parsons desks for my new offcie renovation..but in white! I almost gave into the YELLOW….it’s so pretty!Jen Ramos’Cards & Prints You’ll Love…’

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