Assembly Workstations

Ergonomic workstations bring improved productivity and lowered costs to your assembly and fabrication operations. When you bring the work to the operator, you can eliminate the reaching, stooping and straining that can lead to health issues. Ergosource’s custom assembly workstations can be designed to fit with your existing equipment and machines. Custom adjustable height tables, workbenches, and desks can be configured with our workstation accessories, allowing you to create an assembly workstation that really works for your employees and operations.

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Custom Assembly Workstation Options

  • Custom Height Adjustment Range
  • Custom Height Adjustment Range
  • Custom Size
  • Custom Shapes
  • Custom Cut-outs and Build-outs
  • Custom Paint
  • Electric, Hand Crank or Manual Lift Options
  • Electro Static Dissipative ESD tops, stainless steel tops, butcher block tops, laminate industrial tops, and other top materials
  • 14 stop tilt bracket or infinite tilt adjustment options
  • Heavy duty assembly workstations can accommodate up to 1000 lbs
  • Optional accessories like casters, power bars, lights, rails, bins, and more

Examples of Custom Assembly Workstations

Aerospace Manufacturer: Design and manufacturing of extra long work tables with the capacity to handle the weight of airplane wings.

Apparel Company: Custom design, prototyping, and manufacturing of adjustable height tables to fit their sewing machines.

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