ESD table top

ESD Table Top

Our high pressure electro static dissipative or chemical resistant laminate tops are the perfect answer for electronic assembly, dust-free environment for manufacturing of circuit boards and other sensitive work areas like hospitals, medical offices and laboratories.

Our ESD work surface is made with a particle board core with ESD on Top and Phenolic Backer.

Available in 3 colors. White, Grey, & Almond.

Pair an ESD table top with an adjustable height table to create an ergonomic work station.

  • 1-1/4″ overall thick top comprised of 1-1/8″ dimensionally stable medium density fiberboard core stock.
  • .059 thick ESD plastic laminate with a .059 backer (Nevamar brand plastic laminate or equivalent)
  • Point to Point resistance (relative humisity 40-60%) 10 to the 6th to 10 to the 7th OHMS.
  • Curved edge (3/4″ radium to 90% drop).
  • Laminates are pressure glued with a thermosetting urea type resin adhesive.
  • Flush mount grounding hardware located at rear of top.
  • Connection to earth ground system by others.

ESD tops are commonly used in worktops, tabletops in software development centers, assembly line rooms, research laboratories, call centers and general offices. Available in extensive sizes and three stock colors to complement your work area, our laminate tops are constructed with a phenolic or resin impregnated kraft backer sheet to balance the construction

ESD Tables

Create an ESD Table by combing the ESD top and an adjustable height table. Our adjustable height tables come in 2-Leg and 4-Leg models and have weight capacities between 500 lbs and 1000 lbs based on the configuration.  You can customize the all aspects of your ESD Table including the width, height, depth, adjustment range and more.

ESD Workbench

Create an a custom ESD Workbench with our custom industrial workbench solutions. You can customize almost every aspect of your workbench including the color and size of your ESD table top.

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