Case Study: Sporting Goods Store Custom Cash Register Stand

Ergosource was contracted by a sporting goods store in Bloomington, MN, to build a custom cash register stand. The project was ordered as a “rush job,” to accommodate a a new employee using a wheelchair.

The custom cash register stand needed to be at a lower height for use by the new employee. However, because this employee would, of course, not be working every hour of every day, it also needed to be adjustable to standard height for use by other employees. The stand also needed to constantly support the full weight of a cash register and associated equipment.

Ergosource built a two-legged, adjustable-height table frame with 500-pound weight capacity. The exterior cabinet of the cash register stand was supplied by an outside source. Though a major part of the project—the cabinet—was coming from another manufacturer, sight-unseen, Ergosource’s engineering and custom design expertise ensured that the pieces fit together perfectly.

Though the custom cash register stand was a rush order and a one-off creation, Ergosource was able to build a high quality, customized piece that met all the needs of their client. It is an ideal demonstration of Ergosource’s ability match customer specifications and deliver a finished product with a very short turnaround time.

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