CASE STUDY: California Nut Companies – Custom Tables

In recent years, Ergosource has been called upon to create highly customized tables for two separate California-based snack nut companies. Both companies needed highly customized work tables that they could use as work surfaces to more easily process and package their nuts for sale. The table designs for both companies were based on Ergosource’s standard adjustable height tables, but each included a number of unique, specialized features.

The custom tables designed for the first nut company, which specializes in assorted mixed nuts, featured huge 36” x 96” stainless steel table tops—far larger off the shelf sizes. The tabletops were also surrounded by 6-inch fencing walls, to keep nuts from falling off the sides of the tables during hand-mixing. Additionally, centered on each of the tables’ 96” sides, spouts were added to assist in pouring the mixed nuts into the company’s retail bags. Ergosource also designed the tables with special tilting tops to make the pouring and packaging processes even easier. The custom tables included hand crank controls for height adjustment.

Working from the nut company’s specifications, Ergosource designed and built every aspect of the mixing tables: the adjustable legs, the extra-large tilting tops, the side walls, and the pour spouts. Much back-and-forth collaboration between the two sides was needed to arrive at the final design, and the results are some of the most complex and highly customized tables Ergosource has ever built.

The second nut company, which sells their own garden-grown pistachios, needed adjustable tables with fewer features but were still highly customized. To accommodate the conveyor systems the company uses in processing and packaging their nuts, Ergosource built 20-foot long, adjustable height table frames. The pistachio company then added their own conveyors.

As their business has grown and expanded over the years, the second nut company has ordered six additional custom table frames, each at the custom 20-foot length. Ergosource’s design excellence and manufacturing capabilities allowed for perfect repeatability of the design with which the pistachio company had had so much success.

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