Case Study: Medical Facility Adjustable Training Tables


A medical training and laboratory facility in Miami tapped Ergosource to create a number of custom adjustable height tables. The facility specializes in surgical training for knee and hip replacements. Ergosource provided special adjustable height tables for use in training exercises in which doctors practice these surgeries on cadavers.


Working from the facility’s custom design, Ergosource built only the framework and legs for the tables, with custom width and standard depth, as well as hand crank height adjustment controls. The industrial table tops required medical-grade materials and fixtures, and so had to be acquired from a different source. The two separate components combined seamlessly to meet the medical facility’s exact needs.

Ergosource was able to manufacture what is essentially half of a product with ideal precision, to match up with the other half of the product coming sight-unseen from another source. The perfect compatibility of the two halves demonstrates Ergosource’s manufacturing excellence and versatility.

Additionally, Ergosource was able to work with the facility to meet their budgetary needs. Small design changes were made to accommodate the medical facility’s cost limitations, without compromising the quality or precision of the final product.

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