Case Study: Children’s Hospital Adjustable Height Tables


Ergosource built a number of custom adjustable height tables for use in the pediatric unit at a hospital in Colorado. The tables are used in a number of different medical tests for children ages 4-10. As such, they are the smallest adjustable tables Ergosource has ever built, adjustable from only 20″ to 28″ in height.Cantilever Hand Crank Adjustable Height Work Table Frames


The hospital chose Ergosource to custom build these tiny adjustable tables because of the company’s unique capabilities. Ergosource is perhaps the only company in the country that can build tables like these, which are both adjustable in height and small enough to accommodate the young children for whom they’re intended. Ergosource was able to create the tables to the hospital’s exact specifications quickly and inexpensively.

In addition to their small size and height adjustability, the custom adjustable height tables Ergosource created also included a few special features. They were built with special fusion maple laminate industrial tops, and had casters built into their leg frames for easy movement around the pediatric unit. The tables used hand cranks for height adjustment, but Ergosource discovered that their small size created a unique problem. Because the tops of the tables were so light, downward adjustments were difficult—gravity alone wasn’t enough to move the table tops down, as is the case with most hand crank adjustable tables. Ergosource remedied this problem by adding weight to the table tops. The additional weight is not significant enough to make the tables unwieldy or unbalanced but assists greatly with downward adjustments.

Since the original order, Ergosource has received many reorders from the hospital for additional child-sized adjustable height tables. Ergosource’s manufacturing capabilities make it easy to recreate orders with perfect repeatability to deliver the same high-quality products time after time. Their design expertise makes any custom project possible, no matter how big or how small.

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