Standing Desks

You might want to consider this desk if you want the most mobility, a wide variety of color selections and if you regularly store heavy contents on your desk exceeding 45 pounds. If this sounds like you, you will likely derive great benefit from the electric motor that WorkUp’s standing desk is equipped with.

The desk top size is adequate for office executives who need ample surface area to work on large projects or host meetings. With a whopping 24 inches by 72.25 inches of desk space, there’s no job too big or too small for this stylish and ergonomic stand up desk.

Those who use the WorkUp Desk are often those who are health conscious and are concerned with maximizing their longevity. Unlike sitting desks, those who use standing desks are at less of a risk of obesity due to increased caloric expenditure, a reduced risk of colon and breast cancer and a longer working life simply by standing for an extra three hours a day.

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