Adjustable Height Industrial Workbenches: Go Electric for Maximum Efficiency

A key feature of any good industrial workbench is height adjustability. Some adjust by only a matter of inches and others can move up and down several feet.

One can be certain that at some point during the typical workday the height will need to be adjusted.

There are many reasons why you may need to adjust the height of an industrial workbench and manual adjustments do require a pause in the work process.

If you’ve ever paused to make such an adjustment manually, you know that it can be a bothersome and time consuming process that takes longer than it should.

An electric adjustable height industrial workbench will create smooth vertical movements that are easy, safe, and efficient.

As workers change tasks during their shift to operate on different sized parts or products, the adjustment of an electric adjustable height industrial workbench can be as simple as a push of a button allowing them to raise or lower the work surface to the perfect height.

At shift change, the workstation adjustment can be made quickly with minimal or no down time. If one needs to switch from sitting to standing, either for comfort or work convenience—an electrically adjustable industrial workbench makes the transition flawless.

An electric adjustable height work station will alleviate the need to clear off tools, parts and equipment from the workstation surface to allow the workbench to be light enough to move up or down. An electric height adjustable ergonomic workbench will spare your facility from what is likely one of the least cost effective uses of labor. With fast and simple electric-powered height adjustment, clearing the workbench won’t be necessary and you’ll save productivity time as well as costs.

Most electrical adjustable height industrial workbenches plug into standard 110-volt power outlets eliminating additional wiring work or voltage upgrades. Electrical adjustable height workbenches are high quality and constructed to be sturdy with a greater load capacity than other standard models. Electrically adjustable workbenches do cost more, but the decreased downtime and increased productivity will make up for the price difference. For maximum safety, convenience and efficiency in your workplace, an upgrade to electric-powered adjustable industrial workbenches is hard to beat.

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