Ergonomic Self Opening Multi-Purpose Scissors


These ergonomic multi-purpose scissors have precision-made stainless steel blades. This ergonomic scissor can be used anywhere from office to industrial settings. This ergonomic scissor is self-opening reducing hand fatigue

Product Description

The S-289-Y is a Multi-Purpose ergonomic self-opening scissors with precision made blades and fronts adjusted to cut in any position by a simple squeezing action. This ergonomic scissor has stainless steel fronts and a handle made of polypropylene with a separate spring band made of flexible and unbreakable nylon. This ergonomic scissor is self-opening reducing hand fatigue. The unique spring band design actually reduces closing grip pressure as handles continue to close in cutting motion. Reduces fatigue resulting from repetitive use. Wide ergonomic lightweight contoured handles distribute grip pressure reduci ng contact stress. The ergonomic design fits your hand to provide maximum comfort and control.

Product Specifications

Blade Length: 4.5 inches

Overall Length: 10 inches

Model Number: S-289-Y


Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs
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