Create an Adjustable Height Podium

Anyone who’s been to a conference, college presentation, or other event that features multiple speakers has surely noticed that the flexible microphone snakes on most podiums are rarely adequate to handle the necessary height and usage requirements of the speakers. We have all unfortunately seen the awkward adjustments and gymnastics done between speakers. Adjustable height podium

By including a hydraulic lift kit inside the lectern’s framework, cabinetmakers can ditch those miserable snakes and create truly adjustable podium. Adjustable height lecterns serve the needs of any speaker and provide a more fluid transition in-between sessions.

Hydraulic lifts are available in a wide array of configurations, and can be implemented into nearly any podium fabrication project. The hydraulic lifts provide can be used in most existing lectern stands with some customization. Each lift has a weight capacity of 250 lbs which for most projects is plenty to quickly and easily raise the tabletop of the lectern.

Depending on your desired height adjustable podium setup, the hydraulic lift can be found in 1-leg, 2-leg, and 4-leg designs, and can adjust up to 16” in height. With simple hand crank or electronic controls, moving the system up and down will take no time at all, allowing for fast transitions between speakers.

Integrating a hydraulic lift into the podium at the design and building stages will prove to be a fairly simple and cost effective solution for any casegoods manufacturer.

Alternatively, adding a full enclosure to a ready-made adjustable height table will create a podium that not only delivers superb vertical adjustability, but also heavy-duty strength and capacity to accommodate any unique requirements.

Many sizes of height-adjustable tables are available, making it easy to find the right one to meet any specifications. Whether a speaker needs somewhere to place a laptop (or even desktop) computer for a multi-media presentation, large and/or heavy archaeological artifacts for visual aids, or anything in between, an adjustable height table with an optional enclosure will be up to the task.

Hand crank or electronic controls make the height adjustment process a snap.

Adding a hydraulic lift system while building a podium will give it supreme adjustability for any height and usage requirements. An adjustable height table with a full enclosure will guarantee ideal vertical adjustment and ample space and strength for any size and weight considerations.

No matter if the keynote speaker is Danny DeVito or LeBron James, the lectern will quickly and easily adjust for proper height and capacity.

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