The Advantages of Custom Ergonomic Standing Desks

The computer desk is a standard feature in the landscape of many modern workplaces.

Most of these desks are designed in the same general fashion. While cookie-cutter desks may be “good enough,” are they really the best choice?

Replacing your same old desks with customizable ergonomic computer desks can help optimize employee comfort and safety—and therefore overall workplace productivity—as well as offering adjustable options for special applications.

With standard computer desks, users are forced to place their necessary components wherever they can fit them. Many desks do incorporate some sort of general design for what-goes-where, but you still have to set up your desk according to someone else’s blueprint.

Giving your employees fully customizable computer desks will allow them to configure their set up in the best way possible for their specific needs.

If employees require frequent access to the digital portals on the front or back of their CPUs, a custom desk will allow them to place the CPU nearly anywhere they want for easy access.

A standard desk necessitates that they twist or bend in their seat, or crouch down on the floor to reach underneath (since that’s where most desks require CPU placement)—this can lead to muscle tweaks, back pain, or worse.

With articulated arms and platforms on a custom computer desk, additional components can be slid easily and securely out of the way when not in use. On a standard desk, non-standard components often have to be clumsily fit in wherever there’s room, which can lead to injuries caused by tripping on loose, dangling cords or from falling equipment—as well as damage to that expensive equipment.

Not only do customizable desks allow for greater flexibility in computer and component set up, they also feature adjustability that will maximize employee comfort. With height adjustment capabilities on their desks, employees can maneuver their work surface to the ideal level for any task.

If employees alternate between multiple tasks throughout the workday—switching between computer work and drawing blueprints or diagrams by hand, for example—they can easily lower their desks for sitting at the computer and raise them for standing or leaning while drawing.

What would have previously required either severe employee discomfort or two separate workstations can now be done effectively, comfortably, and safely in a single space.

Even if work tasks don’t vary to that degree, people still come in a vast array of heights, so the same desk won’t work for every employee due to size differences. An adjustable chair is a good start, but even the best chair can only be moved up, down, in and out so much.

With a height-adjustable custom desk, your employees will have greater control over their workspace, allowing them to work in supreme comfort and avoid injuries caused by awkward positioning or repeated overreaching and stretching.

Comfortable employees are far more focused and efficient than uncomfortable ones, and healthy employees are infinitely more productive than employees who are out with carpal tunnel or other injuries.

And, thanks to their unique designs and space-saving features, customizable computer desks can deliver greater usefulness than standard desks in a smaller space. This will help you increase the overall value of your workplace’s square footage—you can fit a few more people into the same area, and they can all still work just as, or more, comfortably and efficiently as before.

With floor space at a premium in most offices and workplaces, this is no small consideration.

You can stand pat with your standard, cookie-cutter desks, and your office’s productivity will be “good enough.” Or, you can upgrade to custom computer desks and enjoy superior productivity thanks to improved efficiency and employee comfort. A number of helpful accessories are available, to create the perfect custom desk for your needs.

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